Connecting Informal Transport

What we do

We exist to change the way people travel by creating a more reliable transport system. Currently, on major journey planners you cannot see options for travelling on informal transport services - such as community transport and other micro-transport operators.


Our goal is to change this by aggregating spare capacity on these services to make it available to you and me. We want to do this by adding features and more data to the travel apps you already know and love!


Our values

Making data accessible

Making data on community and micro-transport modes available to travellers.

Saving the planet

No new vehicles on the roads, just filling up the ones that are already there. 

Creating reliable journeys

Making the transport system more reliable to remove the fear of not having access to a car.

Improving the local economy

Utilising existing vehicles better to make and save money where it is required.


Who will benefit


Shyft will open up many new travel options, as information on fleets that is normally unavailable or unlisted will become accessible. This will help contribute towards removing the fear of travelling without a private car by creating a more reliable transport system that meets our needs as individual travellers.


Shyft will make travellers aware of available capacity within your fleet of vehicles. This data being available to travellers will increase your patronage and the utilisation of your existing fleets, generating more income and reducing your operational costs. 

Institutional Bodies

If you have a duty to provide transport for people, Shyft will help you to do two key things. Firstly, Shyft will help to utilise your existing fleet better. Secondly, Shyft will reduce the need for a dedicated fleet by dispersing affiliates across other operators with available capacity. Ultimately, Shyft will enable you to reduce your environmental impact by easing congestion and improving air quality. 

Journey Planners

Shyft collects real-time availability data from community and
micro transport operators so you don’t have to. We manage data collected from local operators in order to ensure that your
end-users are provided with more options for travel that suit
their individual needs.


Meet the Shyft team

Mike Potts

Founder and Chairman

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Andrew Everett

Managing Director

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Bhupen Patel

Software Lead


George Economides


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Founder and Non-Exec Director

Mark Preston

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